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Avoid Office Germs

Avoid office germs and prevent infection with NatraSan

Back in 2015, we undertook a little experiment to find out which items in an office harboured the most germs. The results weren’t pleasant! We swabbed phones and keyboards along with other household objects, and sent these to an independent lab for testing.

The first thing we tested was the office phone. Our results showed that the average workplace phone contained a count of over 500 bacterial cells – that’s 13 times more than a front door handle. As an office worker uses their phone, on average, up to 20 times per day, they will be repeatedly transferring this high level of bacteria from the handset onto to their skin.

Although bacteria found on a phone may be unlikely to cause any major illness, they could result in an unpleasant breakout of spots or minor bugs.  Just a quick spritz of NatraSan will ensure that 99.9999% of those germs are killed, helping to prevent infection.

Having lunch at a work desk is often discouraged due to the effect it may have on an employee’s productivity level. However, our tests revealed that it may also be damaging your health. Results found that the average office keyboard harboured over 1,500 bacteria cells, which is almost double the level considered safe for humans to eat off. To prevent infection, ensure you regularly use a NatraSan dampened cloth on your keyboard and desk and use it to sanitise your hands before you eat too.

Another study showed that the office coffee pot handle has 34 times more bacteria than a school toilet seat and the photocopier start button harboured four times more germs that a pet bowl.

With all these statistics in mind, keeping a bottle of NatraSan on your desk seems like a very good idea!

Where to pick up NatraSan First Aid Spray

NatraSan is available in a family-sized 250ml bottle as well as the 100ml Travel Buddy and can be purchased online here.