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NatraSan – the summer essential for germ protection

As summer well and truly gets underway, and the warm weather hits, it is inevitable that we will have days when we get hot, sticky and sweaty!

NatraSan is not only a highly effective first aid spray, as it is 100% natural and kills 99.9999% of germs in a matter of seconds, but it also has many other summer holiday uses that you may have never thought of.

Sunglasses – although we may wear our sunglasses throughout the year, in the warmer months it is easy for them to become grubbier as our use of sun cream or SPF moisturisers increases. This build-up of grime will quickly lead to bacterial growth and a quick shine with a cloth won’t get rid of it. Because NatraSan is naturally anti-bacterial and safe to use around the eyes, it is the perfect product to disinfect your sunglasses with. Simply spritz onto your glasses and gently wipe away with a soft cloth.

Sweaty armpits and feet – sweating is healthy, and helps to keep us cool, but no-one wants to become smelly with it! You can use NatraSan on your armpits as a natural deodoriser to keep yourself fresh.

For feet, the warmth can increase the chances of athlete’s foot or other infections. NatraSan is anti-fungal so if you suffer with such issues, spritz liberally on the affected area and leave to dry to keep infections at bay and feet looking healthy.

Insect bites – mosquito bites can make the summer quite miserable for some people, especially if they love your skin. Try topping up your vitamin B1 levels as it makes your blood smell undesirable. If you do get bitten, regularly apply a spray of NatraSan which will take away the itch and disinfect any broken skin if you can’t resist a scratch!

Soothes sore over-sunned skin – for sunburnt skin it’s important to rehydrate your body with plenty of water, or you may end up with a headache or worse. Aloe Vera will cool down sore red skin (try keeping it in the fridge for extra coolness) and NatraSan will also act as a cooling agent while ensuring the skin stays bacteria-free.

Last year’s garden toys – if you’re getting out the garden toys make sure you give them a good wash down with the hose. For extra protection, use NatraSan to keep any nasty bacteria at bay. NatraSan is safe for babies and children, even around the eyes and mouth, so it is the perfect product to spritz on kids’ toys and will kill 99.9999% of germs on contact.

Where to pick up NatraSan First Aid Spray

NatraSan is available in a family-sized 250ml bottle as well as the handy 100ml Travel Buddy and can be purchased online here.