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NatraSan first aid treatment - take this multipurpose spray backpacking

NatraSan first aid treatment – take this multipurpose spray backpacking

Taking a gap year is still a hugely popular choice for many young people, and the trend is rapidly expanding to the older generations too. Between 200,000 and 250,000 people each year take time-out from study and work to explore the globe.

So whether you’re braving good old backpacking or have a more substantial budget to go ‘flashpacking’ or ‘poshpacking’ (similar to glamping in the festival world), packing for your trip should be the same for either: ‘the lighter the pack the more enjoyable the journey’!

NatraSan’s Travel Buddy first aid treatment has so many uses that it can save you packing multiple products.

Why take NatraSan first aid treatment?

NatraSan first aid treatment is made from hypochlorous acid – the body’s own healing biocide agent which is produced by white blood cells to fight infections and bacteria. This makes it incredibly safe, yet highly effective for many purposes. Here are some of the ways to use this revolutionary spray when travelling the world:

  • As a first aid treatment

NatraSan can be used safely in and around the eyes and mouth as the pH neutral, 100% natural formula is non-sting. It can be sprayed on cuts, wounds and even rashes to soothe sore skin, disinfect cuts and speed up the healing process.

  • To avoid fungal feet

Whether the weather is dry or wet, feet can take quite a lot of punishment when you’re backpacking. You’ll probably be on your feet a lot, in a variety of climates. Heat and humidity can make them sweaty and rain can cause damp shoes that won’t seem to dry out. Whatever the weather, your feet can become a breeding ground for fungal germs. NatraSan is anti-fungal so can be used both on your feet and in your shoes to kill any offending bacteria and smell!

  • To keep hands, surfaces and items clean

NatraSan kills a whopping 99.9999% of germs including norovirus, C. difficile and MRSA. Bacteria can lurk anywhere – on trains, bathroom facilities, door handles and other people’s hands – the list is endless! NatraSan can be spritzed onto most surfaces to kills germs on contact.

  • For irritating insect bites

Mosquito bites can be incredibly irksome and itchy, often made worse by someone telling you not to scratch them!  However, that is sound advice as they can become infected if scratched incessantly and the skin broken. NatraSan will not only work as a first aid treatment to avoid infection, but will also soothe the itching – a win-win situation for any traveller!

NatraSan can also be used to soothe sore sunburn, as a disinfectant, a deodoriser and even as a mouthwash. So you can see how taking the handy 100ml NatraSan Travel Buddy means you can avoid packing extra items and help ensure a happy, healthy trip.

Where to buy NatraSan First Aid Spray

NatraSan is available in a handy 100ml ‘Travel Buddy’ size which is perfect to take on flights and backpacking and a family-sized 250ml bottle.

To purchase 99.9999% effective multipurpose NatraSan First Aid Spray online click here.