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Beware the water bottle nasties

Watch out for water bottle germs

The advice to drink more water – especially in the summer months – has clearly been heeded by British people. Many of us have a favourite water bottle we regularly refill for trips out and about, and even at work employees increasingly take their own water bottles to the office in an attempt to cut down on tea and coffee.

While drinking plenty of water is important for good health, and reusing bottles is great for the environment, a scientific study has shown that there may be hidden risks lurking.

Laboratory tests commissioned by Treadmill Reviews found that “reusable drinking containers may be crawling with an alarming number of viable bacteria cells. Drinking from these bottles can be worse than eating a meal from your pet’s dish.”

Much as we love our pets here at NatraSan, the thought of eating from their bowls is enough to make us feel a little queasy!

Which water bottles are safest?

In the Treadmill study, four types of water bottle were tested: screw-top, slide-top, squeeze-top, and straw-top. Each bottle was used by an athlete for a week without being washed. At the end of the week, the bottles were tested and levels of bacteria measured. Slide-top bottles were the worst offenders in terms of germ count, with more than 900,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimetre (CFU/sq cm). Included in those bacteria were gram-positive cocci, which can lead to skin or chest infections.

Straw-top bottles were the least colonised, containing a tiny fraction of the bacteria of slide-top, and those germs were ‘mostly harmless’.

Blitz those bugs

The message is clear. Keep using your water bottles, but don’t forget to clean them every day after use. Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse off any bubbles then give them a quick spritz with NatraSan. This powerful yet completely safe disinfectant kills 99.9999% of germs on contact, and contains no harmful chemicals, alcohol or essential oils. This means it’s fine to use on hard surfaces as it won’t perish plastic or mark stainless steel.

NatraSan is available in two sizes – a 250ml spray and a handy 100ml Travel Buddy spray. The Travel spray is perfect for disinfecting if you’re out and about and don’t have access to running water.

Protect yourself from bugs this summer, and throughout the year! To buy NatraSan today, visit our online shop.