NatraSan* natural antibacterial Antiseptic Spray is an amazingly versatile multipurpose health care product. Harnessing the power of hypochlorous acid, this super-effective antiseptic and disinfectant spray is simple to use making it an essential product for every household.

Below are some directions on how to use this natural antibacterial product for the maximum benefit:


First aid antiseptic for skin

Spray NatraSan liberally onto skin. and allow to dry naturally.

You can also use NatraSan to flush the area of debris if required. NatraSan is pH neutral so wont sting.


Skin and hand sanitiser

Spray NatraSan onto skin or hands for immediate sanitation and allow to dry naturally.


Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral spray for surface sanitation.

Spray NatraSan onto hard or soft surfaces for immediate sterilisation. Leaves no nasty chemical residue.


Baby and toddler-friendly antibacterial spray

NatraSan is gentle on baby skin. Simply spray on skin and allow to dry naturally. pH neutral non-sting formula. NatraSan can be used to sanitise hands and body including delicate areas. Use also for surfaces and toys.

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*NatraSan is independently laboratory tested to appropriate European BSEN standards.