The 100% natural NatraSan formula is highly effective and safe for the whole family.

A safe and natural solution for your family

NatraSan Antiseptic Spray, brand new to the market, is a revolutionary healthcare spray, essential for every household cupboard.

World leaders

NatraSan has worked with world-leading scientists to produce this powerful antiseptic and disinfection product – the first ever hypochlorous product on sale to the consumer to be fully E.U. compliant. It has been independently laboratory tested to rigorous BSEN standards and is effective against all types of pathogens.

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Stabilised Hypochlorous Acid
A monumental step forward in healthcare and hygiene

What is NatraSan Antiseptic Spray and who are we?
NatraSan products contain pure Hypochlorous Acid. This is the mild but incredibly effective antiseptic produced by the human body to kill invading germs. NatraSan Antiseptic Spray kills +99.9999% of all germs on contact but is completely safe to humans, animals and the environment.

Why is the figure of 99.9999% so important?
We all see so many products advertised which claim they kill 99.9% of bacteria. This sounds good but actually this is not enough to get close to passing the very strict European Standards EN Test. It also means that in suitable conditions of warmth the remaining bacteria can grow back to the original burden in as little as 2 hours.

In practical terms what does this mean?
Of 1 million bacteria. Ordinary product with 99.9% kill, leaves 1000 bacteria still alive. NatraSan with 99.9999% kill, leaves 0-1 bacteria still alive.